Rules and Conditions

Rules & Conditions of Entry & Participation

1.TEACHERS ARE GRANTED FREE ENTRY PASS when troupes from their studio are performing at the Festival.
2.ALL COMPETITORS must perform in their correct age groups — no exceptions.
3.PERSONAL VIDEO CAMERAS OR FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY is not permitted to be used by anyone in the auditorium at any time throughout this festival. if anyone is found to be taking videos or photos on any device you will be asked to leave the venue and the device will be confiscated.
4.ALL ENTRY FEE’S MUST BE PAID PRIOR to commencement of festival either by direct deposit (see side panel) — if entry forms are received with out payment, they will not be processed & will not be entered into official programme — therefore you will not be permitted to perform.
5.THE FESTIVAL PROGRAMME. The Programme is the only notification as to performance dates & times available. Programmes will be emailed to each competitor as part of the competitors ticket/programme package.
6.PROMPTING ANY CHILDREN or students over the age of 6yrs will result in disqualification from the Festival.
7.DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES approach / harass! walk in front of the adjudicator at any time through out the festival, under the adjudicators discretion — they may at any time approach or speak to anyone they chose.
8.COSTUMING / MUSIC / CHOREOGRAPHY — is required to be Totally Age Appropriate within this festival, if at any time any competitor’s Costuming, Music or Choreography is considered inappropriate, at the adjudicators discretion points will be deducted.
9.BAD SPORTSMANSHIP will not be tolerated by anyone at this festival; every Studio will be made responsible for all representing students, teachers, staff & parents behavior while performing & attending this festival.
10.DRESSING & UNDRESSING – all dressing & undressing is to be done in the appropriate & designated areas backstage.
11.THE GREEN WAY DANCE FESTIVAL & HOSTING FACILITY will not be responsible for loss of property or injury to any persons at the festival. 
12.THE GREEN WAY DANCE FESTIVAL shall decide on any mailer not covered by these rules, & any decision in any question or dispute shall be final.

Entrants aged less than 18yrs need parental/guardian consent to perform at the green way dance festival.

All GWDF 2020 competitors and patrons enter the venue and festival at their own risk. GWDF 2020 is not responsible for any injury that may occur on stage, or anywhere else in the venue that may happen to a person or patron during the 2020 GWDF. This also pertains to loss of property, GWDF 2020 is not responsible for any damage or loss of any property that a GWDF 2020 patron might incur. GWDF 2020 has the right to refuse entries at their discretion.    

Conditions for Solo Dance Performers

As GWDF 2020 has a new award system we will still implement our previous rulings to divide the solo dancers into Restricted or Open events.

Restricted Events are for competitors or dancers who have “NOT” received a 1st, 2nd or 3rd placing in the selected event/section in any dance competition in the past three years up to 1st Jan 2018.

Open Events are for the dancers who “HAVE” received a 1st, 2nd or 3rd placing in the selected event/section in any dance competition in the past three years up to 1st Jan 2018.

“My very first solo” Events are for the first time dancers, who have not performed a solo in any dance competition prior to Jan 1st 2020.  

Conditions for Duo Dance Performers

Duo Events are “NOT” divided into Restricted and Open events.

Conditions for Troupe Performers

Students 12yrs & under can perform in any Open Age Troupe. Only 2 or 3 dancers aged 13yrs old can perform in 12yrs and under troupes  to help make up numbers in smaller troupes. Please do not abuse this ruling.

The dance teachers will be responsible for all troupe members representing their studio during the festival, including Troupe day. Students behavior, belongings and co-operation during the festival, including Troupe Day, will become the sole responsibility of the teacher/s entering their studio`s students into 2020 GWDF. 

The teachers should encourage their students to create a friendly feel through out their time at 2020 GWDF and represent their dance school with pride, and most importantly; show courtesy to all others they encounter during their time at the 2020 GWDF.  

Thank you for taking the time to read our rules and conditions. If you are happy to comply with our terms, then we encourage you to go onto our Entries page to become a part of GWDF 2020. 

Green Way Dance Festival 2020