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Greenway Dance Festival
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2014 Results – Thursday 5th June

Thursday Morning 5th June

6yrs & un Jazz

1st. Shelby Giles

2nd. Alexis Onaindia

3rd. Caitlin Young

RS. Eva Hughes


10yrs & un Restricted Classical

1st. Jorja Clowes

2nd. Taliah-Rose Paino

3rd. Ai Hasegawa

RS. Caitlin Ross


8yrs & un Restricted Jazz – B

1st. Scarlet Nelson-Brodie

2nd. Leon Gertig

3rd .Lily- May Pynaker

RS. . Mia Williams


8yrs & un Restricted Jazz – A

1st . Emaleigh Willey

2nd. Dimi Babsek

3rd . Faith Petrie

RS. Mikaela Archer


6yrs & un Classical

1st . Alexis Onaindia

2nd .Lily De Brincat

3rd . Macy Richards-Aguis


8yrs & un Open Jazz

1st .Lili Hodgins

2nd .Angela Brischetto

3rd .Rylee Jones

RS. Sierra Osborne


10yrs & un Open Classical

1st .Jessica Edwards

2nd .Mei Miyamoto

3rd .Tiarni O`Brien

RS. Olivia Soncin


8yrs & un Restricted Tap

1st .Faith Petrie

2nd. Sierra Osborne

3rd . Aimee Kirakovski

RS. Lily- May Pynaker


Thursday Afternoon 5th June

10yrs & un Restricted Jazz – B

1st . Lilly Hughes

2nd . Jazz Woodall

3rd . Phoebe Crowe

RS. Keely Womersley


8yrs & un Restricted Classical

1st .Rylee Jones

2nd .Faith Petrie

3rd .Mei Iwamura

RS. Eliza Gregg


10yrs & un Open Tap

1st . Tiarni O`Brien

2nd . Isabella Satchwill

3rd .Ashlyn La Rosa

RS. Charlotte Mackay


10yrs & un Restricted Jazz – A

1st . Ashlee Ferguson

2nd .Hannah Siegmann

3rd . Mia Bowe

RS. Haylee Brown


8yrs & un Variety

1st . Shelby Giles

2nd . Maya Hughes

3rd . Amelia Ayris

RS. Bianca Brant


10yrs & Un Open Jazz – B

1st . Hudson Steer

2nd . Jorja Clowes

3rd . Tiana Jarvinen

RS. Charlotte Mackay


10yrs & un Restricted Tap

1st . Lorna Graham

2nd . Eva Carless

3rd . Ashlee Ferguson


10yrs & un Open Jazz – A

1st . Emma Henley

2nd . Matisse Thompson

3rd . Amelia Baker

RS. Kimberley Bryant


10yrs & un Variety

1st . Tiarni O`Brien

2nd . Ashlyn La Rosa

3rd . Matisse Thompson

RS. Emma Henley


Thursday Evening 5th June

10yrs & un Restricted Lyric

1st . Charlotte Mackay

2nd . Ashlee Ferguson

3rd . Madison Deloryn

RS. Chloe Kranz


10yrs & un Jazz Impro – B

1st . Ashlyn La Rosa

2nd . Layne Edgerton

3rd . Tiana Jarvinen

RS. Rylee Jones


10yrs & un Tap Impro

1st . Tiarni O`Brien

2nd . Ashlyn La Rosa

3rd . Charlotte Mackay

RS. Layne Edgerton


10yrs & un Lyric Impro

1st . Charlotte Mackay

2nd . Layne Edgerton

3rd . Ashlee Ferguson

RS. Tiana Jarvinen


10yrs & un Jazz Impro – A

1st . Ashlee Ferguson

2nd . Tiarni O`brien

3rd . Kimberey Bryant

RS. Charlotte Mackay


10yrs & un Student Choreography

1st . Layne Edgerton

2nd . Leon Gertig

3rd . Tiana Jarvinen

RS. Imogen Gardiner


12yrs & un Restricted Jazz

1st . Tara Dent

2nd . Louie Male

3rd . Ki`Ara Solowoski

RS. Hannah Edwards

RS. Zaphia Sumner

RS. Alirra Lloyd-Collins


12yrs & un Restrcited Lyric – B

1st . Marina Manahan

2nd . Isabella Cuda

3rd . Lauren Edwards

RS. Alannah Davies-Sorensen


12yrs & un Restricted Lyric – A

1st . Hannah Giles

2nd . Brooke Bird

3rd . Kaitlin Petrus

RS. Madelyn Ziegler


Thursday 5th June

Performer of the day – Chosen by Stephen Tannos

Tiarni O`Brien


Greenway Dance Festival